Spring Cleaning – ICANN cleans up in the WHOIS

Spring Cleaning in the Domain Name System: a new initiative aims to clean up the WHOIS database to erroneous entries Internet governance ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers).

To find out who keeps registers a specific domain, usually a glance at the so called WHOIS database. Similarly to the commercial register or land register, there is usually public and free of cost, who is behind a domain name; only a few endings like .tv do not allow free access to the WHOIS look. The WHOIS databases allow not only the domain registrar an easy communication with the owner, but not used least in the case of an infringement at about grabbing to make the injured locate. With ever-increasing number of domains registered therefore a growing need to keep the WHOIS data up to date and accurate. In recent years, ICANN has taken initial steps to keep the WHOIS problems under control. So stops about Internic an online form available through which you can report inaccurate Whois records; the domain owner threatened in this case, measures up to the cancellation of his address.

But these steps do not seem to meet ICANN why you want to perform in 2007 a so-called “audit”, in which both the WHOIS database itself and fault management is to be tested especially on the part of the registrars. The test is done by email or telephone without prior notice, and includes in doubt a required within a certain period response of the owner. However, the domain registrars threatening trouble: who failed to make the necessary WHOIS information or complete, must also reckon with measures of ICANN. ICANN wants to test it weekly three randomly selected generic domains at any registrar. In practice, there are two extreme opposite: one action as in the case of familyalbum.com than GoDaddy because of an incorrect e-mail address with otherwise correct data bearer allegedly could not reach and the domain summarily deleted, and any other name not called registrars who do not respond to requests to simply wrong WHOIS entries.

The DENIC will include in its conditions for .de domains that if false Whois information of the domain Agreement may be terminated for good cause. Who keeps a domain should already pay their own interest to keeping its WHOIS data up to date. This will ensure that you remain accessible to third parties. And to top it all so many willing to buy a domain prospect is with his bid failed because a contact to the domain owner was impossible.

Where and how can I change the WHOIS contact information of my domains?

Your goneo customer center, under the menu item “Expert Functions”, you can select the submenu item “Manage handles” to modify and adjust your WHOIS contact information. By default, there is always a handle of type ORG and a handle of type to find PERSON, which are automatically applied when ordering your package.

What is a handle?

Under a so-called “Handle” information is collected about a person or organization goneo. These include, for example, the name of the person or organization, address, e-mail address, telephone and fax number. The data itself can be stored in two type species. Once as “PERSON” -Handle or “ORG” -Handle (Organisation handle).

These two handles or handles created, you can assign his or her domains. When you edit one of the handles now, for example, the street name, the change applies to all domains and saves just in many domains lot of work, because only the handle needs to be changed rather than each individual domain.

How long does it take to change?

The changes are updated approximately every 15 minutes and the registration authority, such as the DENIC for .de domains is sent. Then there are the changes visible in the WHOIS query.

You can then use in your goneo customer center, under the menu item “Expert Functions” in the menu item “Domain Mappings” for each domain allocate the appropriate “Handles”. Just click next to each domain on “Edit” and select from the appearing menu either “Assign As Owner” point or “assign as Admin C”.


This change really relates only to the specific domain that you selected earlier!

Other important information:

It must be noted that an owner-handle (holder), both of type “PERSON” and type “ORG” can be. However, an Admin-C-handle (Administrative contact) can only be of type “PERSON”, as it must be, be a natural person or organization shall be deposited with it. Otherwise, the changes would not comply with the rules of the respective registries such as DENIC, and the change would not be executed.